NCHEF Contact info
PO Box 163
Intervale, NH 03845
Tel no: 603-988-8686
How You Can Help

Every gift to the people of these villages will not only nurture their health, education and overall well being, but will also help them attain permanent, sustainable, self-reliance. Dollars go a long way in Nepal so any amount will do much to help them bridge the gap between poverty and self-sufficiency.

Please send your donations to NCHEF. We are a 501(3)(c) non-profit so contributions are tax deductible.

Visiting Nepal

If you would like to visit the villages, learn about and experience their culture please contact Candy Chaplin at 603-988-8686 or She can get you in contact with our helper in Nepal, Kul Kumar Rai, a young man from the village of Bung, who is an experienced guide, offering treks to the villages and other parts of Nepal. He will design a great trip to suit your needs.